An Irish Family’s Dark Secret, and the Legend of the Titanic

Three years ago, writer Martina Devlin stumbled across the fact that her grandmother’s uncle was aboard the Titanic when it went down in the Northern Atlantic 95 years ago. Unbeknownst to her generation, her uncle’s fiancée and unborn child also were on board–but survived.

Sometimes truth is stranger–and more imaginative–than fiction. Click here to read Martina’s story in the Belfast Telegraph of how she was inspired to write a novel, and through her research, tracked down the descendants of her great-granduncle.

Hat Tip: Irish Roots Cafe blog


4 Responses

  1. Miriam,

    This is quite a fascinating story. This is exactly why all the databases in the world are not the solution to genealogists. It was the documents she found, and the real people who still held the story of their family in their memories, that helped finish her book.


  2. Janice, I agree with you. Besides, what fun would it be if all the answers were to be found on the Internet! The chase, the clues, the research…now that’s exciting!

  3. The truth is indeed stranger than fiction! Thanks for sharing such an interesting Blog!

  4. Floyd, thanks for your comment. Please drop by again!

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