A Terrific Day of Genealogy!

Every once in a while, I have one of those great genealogy days that makes up for those frustrating ones of researching dead ends and brick walls! Today was one of those terrific days of genealogy! First of all, when I came home from work, I found treasures in the mail: the November issue of Internet Genealogy; the May/June issue (overdue?) of Michigana, the quarterly of the Western Michigan Genealogical Society, of which I am a member; and a package from my maternal uncle containing–among many things–originals and copies of family birth, marriage, and death certificates, obituaries, funeral cards, graduation and wedding announcements, napkins from weddings and anniversaries, and photographs of every home in which my maternal grandmother lived in Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan, as well as assessors’ records of Grand Rapids family homes and properties going back five generations! Wow! I’ll be blogging the details about this soon! And I’ve got plenty more material for my next Scanfest!

I finished off my day by teaching my first evening of my latest Beginning Online Genealogy class through the Community Colleges of Spokane’s Institute for Extended Learning, with eight eager students. A student from a computer class next door wandered in and asked about my courses and said she’ll sign up for my next one, as well. It’s hard to imagine a nicer day!


6 Responses

  1. Miriam,

    How wonderful for you! We all need a day that recharges our “genealogy batteries.”


  2. Yep! It was something to look back at and enjoy…especially as it seems I’m going be home today on sick leave. 😦

  3. How wonderful! Those days make up for all the others.

  4. So, true, Lori…days like today, when I’m staying at home due to illness (again!). 😦

  5. Would you happen to know if you are also related to Devine’s in Missouri, I have a few details on a Martin and Margaret Devine and Edwin a son Clifford a son and a daughter.

  6. No, Kathy, sorry, I’m afraid not. If you would like to see my family tree, my database (with the exception of living persons) is available here.

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