Meme: Where Were You During the Censuses? Part 2

Finding out where family members were living during the census years is intriguing to me, and I thought I’d query my husband as to his whereabouts during those years. He’s ten years older than I, so his first appearance was in the 1960 census; that is, if his parents participated in them. I’ve no reason to think they didn’t, so he should appear in every census taken during his lifetime:

  • *1960 – Norm would have been 3, living with his parents (father: 26; mother: 27) and younger brother, age 9 months in Outlook, Yakima County, Washington.
  • *1970 – the family, which by then included his 36-year-old dad, his 37-year-old mother, his almost 11-year-old brother, a six-year-old sister, and another brother, 4 1/2, lived in the Fruit Valley neighborhood of Vancouver, Clark County, Washington. Norm was 13. The following year, the family moved to the same neighborhood–but not the same house–where his parents live today.
  • *1980 – He was attending college and living in an apartment near the courthouse in Vancouver.
  • *from 1990 through 2005, the census data is the same as mine.

I think I’ll go e-mail my parents and ask them about their census year residences (1950 and 1960) before they were married and started a family.


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