I’m Addicted to Blogging

82%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Hat tip to Tim at Genealogy Reviews Online.


5 Responses

  1. 82%, huh? You’ve got it bad!

  2. I’m only 62% addicted! I thought it would be much higher.

  3. Tim, you’re right…I do! But like Lori, I thought my score would be higher. I think because I read most of the 70+ blogs I’ve subscribed to on Google Reader, rather than on the blog sites themselves, it lowered my score a bit.

    I’m sure my family would disagree with my score. “More like 200% addicted,” I can hear them snort in contemptuous unison!

  4. 64%! I too thought I’d score higher. Miriam, are you one of the bloggers that updates up to 5 times a day? ;). I read blogs site by site as opposed to using a reader. I don’t know; I just prefer to see the actual blog!

  5. Hi, Colleen! No, I don’t update five times a day, but I do have five blogs (with a sixth one coming)! I use my Google Reader to find out what has recently been posted, and usually go to my favorite genealogy blogs sites themselves, preferring to skim through the posts on my favorite history, library, and non-genealogy blogs directly at Google Reader.

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