Louis Frank Boyd, Washington State Representative, 1914

I don’t often write about Spokane or Washington State historical figures or history on this blog, because I am the first in my family to live in this city. I’ve had a few ancestors and relatives live in this state (mostly on the west side), but only after living in New York State, Pennsylvania, and/or Michigan first (where most of my genealogical research takes place).

However, I have been in correspondence with Carol Wilkerson, who has written an interesting biography on her husband’s first cousin, four times removed, Louis Frank Boyd. Frank was a Spokane city clerk for many years and went on to represent the city in the state legislature in Olympia. You can read Frank’s biography, as well as see a newspaper clipping and a letter he wrote, on Carol’s blog here. Carol also has other biographical articles on her blog, and I encourage you to read them.


2 Responses

  1. I should have gotten here sooner, but I do thank you for putting a link to my post about Louis Frank Boyd on your blog, as well as recommending iPentimento. You are a gem Miriam!

  2. Thanks, Carol!

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