A Civil War Soldier: 2nd Lt. Merrick JACKSON (1822 – 1908)

Source: Jackson, Merrick. “Out of the Attic.” Potter-Leader Enterprise (Coudersport, Pennsylvania), undated clipping, c. 2000s. Original privately held by Joyce Jackson Bailey, address unknown. 2004.

How Related: Brother of my 2nd-great-grandmother, Lura Ann JACKSON

Born: 26 April 1822 in Pennsylvania

Parents: Joshua JACKSON (c. 1780 – c. 1828) and Elsie ROUNDS (1790 – 1869)

Siblings: older paternal half-sister, Asenath “Cena” JACKSON (c. 1800 – 1875); Lucina (1810 – 1882), Joshua T. (1814 – 1883), Prudence (b. 1820), Harriet A. (1820 – 1891), Jane Cordelia (b. 1824), Lura Ann (1826 – bef. 1900; my ancestor), and Noble Victor JACKSON (1827 – 1906).

Married: Sally WEIMER (1827 – 1897) before 1848, probably in Potter Co., Pennsylvania. Sally was probably the sister of Kate WEIMER who married Merrick’s brother Noble.

Children: Adelaide (b. c. 1848), Elsie (b. c. 1851), Lura Ann (b. c. 1853 – named for his sister/my ancestor), William B. (b. 1858), and Orlando Joshua JACKSON (1860 – 1929).

Source: Civil War Pension Index Card of Merrick Jackson. Organization Index to Pension Files of Veterans Who Served Between 1861 and 1900. National Archives and Records Administration. Publication T289. Digital image purchased at Footnote [http://www.footnote.com/].

Enlisted: 13 September 1861 in Co. H, 46th Pennsylvania Infantry; private. Promoted to Full Sergeant on 30 October 1862. Promoted to full 2nd Lieutenant on 17 June 1863.

Side served: Union

Dismissed: 2 May 1864

Biography or Information of Interest: Since Merrick was a soldier who worked his way up the ranks from a private to a second lieutenant, I was surprised not to find information on him beyond his military service, or even a photo online. His namesake was my great-great-grandfather, Angelo Merrick ROBBINS, his grandnephew. I find it curious that Merrick’s Civil War Pension Index Card lists his “late rank” as private, and not second lieutenant.

Died: 3 April 1908

Buried: Watson Cemetery, Borie, Summit Twp., Potter Co., Pennsylvania


4 Responses

  1. The above clipping from the Potter-Leader was submitted to the paper by Michael Reeves, g-g-grandson of Merrick Jackson

  2. Miriam –

    My wife is from theJackson line. We should compare notes. I have most of the above information +/-some dates and spellings.

    I can provide a file extract.


  3. The most probable reason for Merrick to be listed as a private on the pension records is that other family records show that at one point he was undergoing a court-martial. We have not been able to find out if the charges were dismissed, if the result of the court-martial was that he was reduced in rank, or if he was dismissed and simply re-enlisted after the court martial. He did recieve a pension, so whatever the issue was, it wasn’t severe enough for the pension to be denied.

    S. Engiles (Merrick Jacksons g-g-granddaughter, cousin to Michael Reeves).

  4. Regarding Merrick’s rank. My understanding is that the group was rather ‘scrappy’ and that some (perhaps even many) got in fights and got dropped ranks along the way.

    I need to dig up the POC, but someone had contacted me online and was writing a book on the unit and their service in the war.

    Of note: Merrick is listed on the PA Monument at Gettysburg – but is listed as Herrick Jackson.


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