Bye Bye, Busy October

The last of the little goblins have departed my doorstep, I’ve brought the jack o’ lanterns inside, and bid farewell to Hallowe’en and October. It’s been a very busy month again for me, between family and my work, local Family History Month events, and teaching my latest Online Genealogy class for the Community Colleges of Spokane. Also, I got an opportunity to speak with…oh, wait, that’s a surprise (stay tuned!) . I didn’t get a chance to participate in many of the Genea-Blogger events this month, but did take what opportunities I could to read posts during my breaks at work via Google Reader.

I did, however, update the links whenever I had time on the “October Is…” post. You can go there to view all the carnivals, challenges and other events that took place.


FamilySearch Record Search Update: Over 30 Million New Records Added

30 Million More Records Added to Record Search Pilot

Over 30 million names or record images were added to FamilySearch’s Record Search pilot. Significant data was published from 3 U.S. Census indexing projects (1850,1860, and 1870). Digital image collections were added for Massachusetts , Argentina, Brazil, Czech Republic, Louisiana, Russia, Spain, and Vermont (see the table below).

The entire collection can be searched for free directly online at or through the Search Records feature at

Collection: 1850 United States Census (Population) – index & images
Digital Images: —
Indexed Records: 1,830,275
Comment: Added Georgia, Mississippi, and Virginia

Collection: 1850 US Census (Slave)
Digital Images: —
Indexed Records: 1,157,705
Comment: See description online for state list.

Collection: 1850 US Census (Mortality)
Digital Images: —
Indexed Records: 39,325
Comment: See description online for state list.

Collection: 1860 US Census
Digital Images: —
Indexed Records: 20,112,346
Comment: All states. Partials for Alabama and Pennsylvania.

Collection: 1870 US Census
Digital Images: —
Indexed Records: 6,866,230
Comment: Added IN, MI, OH, and WI

Collection: 1865 MA Census
Digital Images: 15,434
Indexed Records: —
Comment: City of Boston

FamilySearch Indexing Update: Partner Projects

From FamilySearch Indexing:

FamilySearch has a growing number of society indexing partners. FamilySearch Indexing is working with genealogical or historical societies to complete projects of mutual interest. Volunteer indexers may have noted that partner projects are not readily listed in the available batches to index online unless the volunteer has been granted permission to participate by a partner.

FamilySearch indexers can request to participate in a partner project by sending an e-mail directly to the project’s contact or administrator. The society contact information is found next to the project listing (Go to, Projects, Current Projects, scroll down to partner projects, or just click here).

If permission is granted by the partner, an indexer will receive an e-mail with a new user name and temporary password to use when accessing that society’s project(s). Volunteers should use their regular login and password to continue indexing FamilySearch’s open (non partner) projects as usual.

Current society partners and projects are listed below:

  • Algemeen Rijksarchief en Rijksarchief in de Provincien (National Archives of Brussels)
  • Arkansas Genealogical Society
  • Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia
  • Immigrant Ancestors Project
  • Indiana Genealogical Society
  • Ohio Genealogical Society
  • The New England Historic Genealogical Society

Current Partner Projects, Record Language, and Percent Completion Status:

Arkansas Marriages [The first of these projects], English, 5%

Arkansas Marriages IV, English, 2%

Belgique – Registres Des Décès (Français), French, 14%

België – Overlijdens Registers – In het Nederlands, Dutch, Flemish, 5%

Bremer Schifflisten, German, New!

Flanders Death Registration, French, Dutch, Flemish, 33%

Indiana Marriages, 1790 – Apr 1905, English, 60%

Indiana Marriages, 1882 – Apr 1905, English, 64%

Indiana Marriage Returns, 1882 – Apr 1905, English, 48%

Indiana Marriages, Apr 1905 – Dec 1957, English, 40%

Nova Scotia Antigonish Church Records, 1823 – 1905, English, 35%

Ohio Tax Records – 2 of 4, English, 59%

Vermont Militia Records (Coming Soon), English, New!

Indexes can be searched for free at Visit regularly to see what is new! Releases Free Family Tree Software

Hamburg, October 27, 2008 – Users have to pay up to 84 USD for family tree software at However, today the family social network has released its desktop software called “Home Edition.” The software to build a family tree can be downloaded for free at

The software enables users to edit and create a family tree on their own PC. If desired, they can then upload it to and share it with relatives and friends. The Home Edition offers state-of-the-art usability and technology at no cost. Besides operating in the standard GEDCOM format the software also allows the printing of various familial lists in an appropriate genealogical standard. co-founder Sven Schmidt states: “Like Google’s strategy of turning the expensive Keyhole software into the free Google Earth, we decided to offer a software that is usually pricy for free.” Co-founder Daniel Groezinger adds: “This is a ‘thank you’ for all the support we have got from our users. This also extends our internet strategy of offering top quality at no cost.”, the fastest-growing family network worldwide, is a strong complementary to other genealogical resources. So far, more than 5 million families use the platform to combine genealogy with the fun of family communications.

Apart from the English site, the services are available in Germany (, in Poland (, Spain and South America (, Portugal (, Brazil (, the Netherlands (, Italy ( and France ( The platform will continue expanding to other European countries as well as worldwide. is supported by leading Business Angels, Hasso Plattner Ventures and Neuhaus Partners, a well-known venture capitalist.

October 2008 Scanfest to be Held this Sunday

Things have been awfully quiet on my blog lately, due to a variety of circumstances that have kept me from posting regularly (in fact, I’m blogging for the first time ever on my work lunch break via a widget on my iGoogle page). However, I did want to let everyone know that Scanfest will be held as usual on Sunday, October 26th from 11 AM to 2 PM, PDT. If you would like to know more about Scanfest and how you can participate, click on the Scanfest label below to check out other posts with detailed information and instructions.

This may be the last Scanfest for me for a while, since I will be having shoulder surgery November 14th. We also normally take a break in November and December, due to the holidays around the last weekend of those months.

Hope to “see” you Sunday!

It’s All Randy’s Fault!

This is what happens when you don’t have time for blogging. A meme comes along, and everyone tags you for it, thinking you haven’t been tagged yet. When you find a moment to participate, there isn’t anyone left to tag! 🙂 Randy Seaver over at Genea-Musings started a Tag meme on Tuesday, and it has swept through the genea-blogger world. It’s actually a fun one (i.e., I don’t have to think to hard; therefore, I can write it quickly!). Thank you to Paula, Tim, Lisa, Denise, William, and Kathryn (and any one who tags me before I publish this) for tagging me!

Ten Years Ago, I Was:
1. a homeschooling, SAHM of an almost-8-year-old and a 4 1/2-year-old
2. younger and slimmer, but poorer 🙂
3. living without a computer or the Internet (unbelievable, I know!)
4. looking at a much smaller family tree with many more blank spaces
5. driving a different station wagon, and being owned by a different cat

Five Places I Have Lived:
1. Kodiak, Alaska
2. Fairbanks, Alaska
3. Metlakatla, Alaska
4. Kake, Alaska
5. Klawock, Alaska

(and to complete the list, there’s Colville, Washington and three communities within Spokane County, Washington)

Five Jobs I Have Had:
1. camp counselor
2. preschool teacher’s aide
3. accounts payable bookkeeper
4. receptionist/secretary/switchboard operator
5. adult family home caregiver

Five Snacks I Enjoy:
1. diet Pepsi
2. tortilla chips with a dip of equal parts sour cream and La Victoria’s Salsa Brava
3. Kit Kat bar
4. smoked almonds
5. pizza, sausage or Hawaiian

Five Things on Today’s To-Do List:
1. finish packing
2. clean the cat’s litterbox (oh, joy)
3. call in and renew hubby’s prescription
4. make sure kids do their homework over the weekend (it never ends)
5. work on the checkbook (joy, again)

Since I’m writing this before I head out of town, I don’t have time to hunt for those who haven’t already been tagged. If you come across this and wish to participate, consider yourself tagged by me.

Everton Online Edition FREE Access

Since the initial launch of the Genealogical Helper as an Online Edition, it has been determined that hosting the magazines on World Vital Records’ servers was causing too much confusion and difficulty of access for subscribers. To alleviate the confusion, Everton’s have undertaken the hosting themselves, with a much simpler user interface.

Everton apologizes for any inconvenience that genealogists experienced with the initial launch of the Online Edition, and are confident that your experience will now be a pleasant and rewarding one. Everton is offering access to the two Online Edition issues now available at the site: Jul-Aug 2008 and Sept-Oct 2008 absolutely FREE until October 17. Simply go to: ALSO – until October 27 the $12 annual subscription fee to the Online Edition of the Genealogical Helper will be reduced to $10.00, and the $29.00 annual subscription fee for the hard copy edition of the magazine (includes access to the Online Edition) will be reduced to $25.00.

The Genealogical Helper is widely recognized as having no equal in terms of amount of total content, educational and research information, and lists of organizations, events, and repositories. The complete magazine is online, and all websites listed in either the content or advertisements are hot-linked.