New Journal Prompts Posted at AnceStories2

Please don’t fall over in a dead faint. It’s been a good three months since I’ve posted journal prompts at my other blog, AnceStories2: Stories of Me for My Descendants. With Christmas just around the corner, I thought I’d better get “Week Forty-One: Fall” posted.

There are so many excellent carnivals being posted every month, I haven’t felt the need for journal prompts lately–plus, life just gets busy.

Fall is my favorite season, and if I have time this week, I’ll post my responses to my own prompts.


The 13th Edition of the Carnival of Central and Eastern European Genealogy is Posted

Elizabeth of Little Bytes of Life posted the 13th Edition of the Carnival of Central and Eastern European Genealogy on Thanksgiving Day. The topic–not limited to those of Central or Eastern European heritage–was “What Resources are You Thankful For in Your Genealogical Research?”

There were ten submissions with gratitude expressed ranging from Polish resources to local genealogical societies to the Internet to family members. My own submission, “I’m Thankful for These Genealogy Resources,” is located here.

Elizabeth did a great job as first-time carnival hostess! The 14th Edition’s topic will be “Christmas Traditions of Central and Eastern Europe” and will be hosted by Jessica Oswalt back at the carnival’s home blog, Jessica’s Genejournal. Participants do not have to have Central or Eastern European ancestry to participate. Submissions are due on December 21st, and the Carnival will be posted on December 23rd.

Pajama Genealogy Website Now Offers New Membership Area

Robert Ragan of Treasure Maps, Genealogy Compass, and Pajama Genealogy is starting a membership-only website, Pajama Genealogy Membership, in addition to the free sites he already has:

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FamilySearch Indexing Update: 1875 Norway Census Is Coming

1875 Norway Census
In the first week of December, we will start indexing the 1875 Norway Census. This will be a large segment of the census for rural areas of Norway, but not the entire census. FamilySearch’s Historical Family Reconstitution unit has joined forces with the University of Tromsø in Norway to complete this project. The university is indexing the census records for the urban areas of Norway.

Pass the word along that anyone interested in Norwegian genealogical research is encouraged to help by volunteering as a FamilySearch indexer.

Completed Projects

The following projects have been completed in the past two weeks. Patrons should be able to search them shortly online at FamilySearch Record Search:

Missouri – 1870 US Census

Tennessee – 1870 US Census

Morelos – 1930 Mexico Census

Alabama – 1920 US Federal Census

Arkansas Marriages II

Alabama – 1850 US Federal Census – General

Current Projects, Record Language, and Percent Completion Status

1916 Canadian Census – English – 25%

Argentina Censo 1869 – Buenos Aires 2 – Spanish – 19%

Argentina Censo 1869 – Cordoba y San Luis – Spanish – 15%

Arkansas Marriages [Part 1] – English – 54%

Arkansas Marriages IV – English – 8%

Belgique – Registres Des Décès (Français) – French – 14%

België – Overlijdens Registers – In het Nederlands – Dutch, Flemish – 7%

Brandenburg Kirchenbücher – German – 29%*
(*This percentage refers to a specific portion of a larger project.)

Bremer Schifflisten – German – 0.6%

España Lugo Registros Parroquiales [Part 1] – Spanish – 8%

Flanders Death Registration – FR, Dutch, Flemish – 33%

Florida 1945 Census – English – 96%

France, Coutances, Paroisses de la Manche – French – 7%

Guanajuato Censo de Mexico de 1930 – Spanish – 86%

Guerrero – Censo de Mexico de 1930 – Spanish – 51%

Illinois – 1920 US Federal Census – English – 31%

Indiana Marriages, 1790 – Apr 1905 – English – 60%

Indiana Marriages, 1882 – Apr 1905 – English – 84%

Indiana Marriage Returns, 1882 – Apr 1905 – English – 48%

Indiana Marriages, Apr 1905 – Dec 1957 – English – 40%

Massachusetts – 1920 US Federal Census – English – 44%

Massachusetts Death Records 1906-1915 – English – 53%

Massachusetts Marriage Records 1906-1915 – English – 9%

New Hampshire – Early to 1900 Births – English – 18%

Nicaragua, Managua Civil Records – Spanish – 8%

Nova Scotia Antig. Church Records, 1823 to 1905 – English – 39%

Ohio Tax Records – 2 of 4 – English – 61%

Queretaro – Censo de Mexico de 1930 – Spanish – 7%

UK – Cheshire – Church Records – English – 21%

UK – Cheshire – Land Tax – English – 4%

Venezuela Mérida Registros Parroquiales – Spanish – 1%

A Chance to Preview RootsMagic 4

From the latest RootsMagic Newsletter:

Do You Want to Play with a Preview Copy of RootsMagic 4?

Are you one of those users who wants to play with RootsMagic 4 before we actually release it? Well, now is your chance.

In mid-December we will begin a “community preview” of RootsMagic 4. This preview will be open to those current RootsMagic users who wish to try out a pre-release copy of RootsMagic. Keep in mind that the preview version could (I mean “will”) still have bugs in it, and shouldn’t be used for your real data.

But if you want a chance to play around with version 4, sign up for the preview at:

Fill out the information so we can verify that you are a current RootsMagic user and you will be notified when the community preview becomes available.