Family Tree Posters from GBP 19.00 at dynastree

London, December 12, 2008 – Family network dynastree ( offers the family tree as high-quality poster printout in the UK. Users can order their family tree from 19.00 Great Britain pounds, free shipping. The family tree poster is the perfect Christmas present: a premium quality gift for the family, customized with love.

Dynastree (formerly: is the first company in the world to offer top-class family tree prints at this price. “We could make this possible because we automatised the entire process,“ explains founder and managing director Sven Schmidt.

Seven different formats are available, ranging from A2 printouts to 177.17 x 59.06 inch XXL supersize posters for professional genealogists. All posters are printed on premium professional paper (230g/m²) and will be delivered without any shipping costs as a launch offer. It is the perfect opportunity to order the first Christmas present comfortably from home and to have it delivered within 4-5 work days.

In the past, family trees had to be hand-crafted and took a lot of efforts. Now, this can be done at dynastree on your PC with only a few clicks. Creating the family tree as well as all website features are completely free of any charge. This includes the family tree printout at home on an A4 printer.

Ordering a poster is a simple three-step process that allows customizing the printout completely. Several background wallpapers, profile nodes and colours make the personal family tree a unique product. Different tree views such as genealogical table or ancestor circle round off the offer.

About dynastree
Apart from the English site, the services are available in Germany (, in Poland (, Spain and South America (, Portugal (, Brazil (, the Netherlands (, Italy ( and France ( The platform will continue expanding to other European countries as well as worldwide. dynastree is supported by leading Business Angels, Hasso Plattner Ventures and Neuhaus Partners, a well-known venture capitalist.


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